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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Supermarket Italy

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Supermarket Italy

Once the big presents are taken care of, it’s time to think about stocking stuffers. Candy and small gifts make the holiday season just as fun as what goes under the tree. So here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas we at Supermarket Italy think will bring even more joy to your holiday season.

Strega Torroncini with Strega Liquore in Glass Bottle (12.35 oz)

Strega Torroncini with Strega Liquore in Glass Bottle is the ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and a taste for authentic Italian candy. These pieces of nougat with sweet chocolate coating are packaged in a fun, whimsical liquor bottle to emphasize the beloved Italian Strega Liqueur that has been infused into the candy. This is a wonderful--and delicious--novelty item!


Skin & Co Roma Rosemary Verbana Hand Cream (1 oz)

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for women? Supermarket Italy carries a wonderful selection of beauty products, including ones that are just the right size to fit in a stocking! Skin & Co Roma Rosemary Verbena Hand Cream is moisturizing, refreshing, and gentle. This Italian hand lotion is specially crafted from natural oils and extracts from the Umbria region of Italy. Also check out this  gift guide to bath and body gifts for men.

Skin & Co Roma Citrus Amaro Hand Cream (1 oz)

Another reason Skin & Co Roma hand creams are such great stocking stuffer ideas for women is because they not only fit inside a stocking, but easily fit inside any purse or handbag. Give the gift of beauty and nourishment with this brightly-scented Italian hand lotion made from organically farmed Mediterranean fruit, flower, and nut extracts and oils.

Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Truffle Hand Cream (1 oz)

Another pocket-sized Skin & Co Roma hand cream is the Umbrian Truffle lotion. The Umbrian truffle is the unique ingredient for which Skin & Co Roma has become famous. This natural, earthy ingredient makes it a highly nourishing hand cream.

Sperlari Caramelle Scaramellini Spicchi Su (Citrus Candy) (17.64 oz)

Sperlari is one of the most famous and beloved brands of Italian candy. This particular bag contains hard candy that is sweet, tasty, and traditionally made with the bright and flavorful juices of lemon and orange.

Sperlari Mixed Berry Gran Gelees Frutti Rossi (6.17 oz)

Not into citrus? Try Sperlari’s Mixed Berry fruit jellies. This chewable Italian candy combines the sweet, tart natural flavors of cherries, blackberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. Sweet, sugary gummy candies are great stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

Sperlari Torrone Classico alla Mandorla Almond (5.3 oz)

Sperlari doesn’t just make Italian candy, but torrone and chocolate as well! Sperlari’s Torrone Classic Almond Bar is a hazelnut nougat made from egg whites, toasted almonds, honey, vanilla, and lovely, subtle flavors of citrus. Anyone would be excited to find a bar of real Italian torrone in their stocking.

Venchi Chocolate Cigar Gift Box (3.53 oz)

Venchi is a prestigious and trusted name in Italian chocolate. If you buy Venchi chocolate, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality. This Venchi Chocolate Cigar Gift Box is a fun, novelty stocking stuffer for adults and is one of our most popular  gift boxes.

Casali Original Rum Kokos (10.6 oz)

Another great gift for adults with a sweet tooth is Casali Original Rum Kokos. These Austrian candies contain a filling that is 10% rum, coated in coconut flakes and layers of milk chocolate. They are scrumptious little bites of paradise.

Lingotto Motta White Chocolate (5.2 oz)

Motta is an Italian food brand that is famous for their  panettones, but their chocolate bars and other sweets are just as deserving of recognition. Lingotto Motta Bianco is a rich, velvety bar of Italian white chocolate you won't soon forget.

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