Coffee Pairings Around The World

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Forget wine pairings! With rich, robust flavor from around the world, coffee is the perfect companion to all sorts of bites and plates. Whether it's accompanying a morning cup or post-dinner espresso, it's always nice having something to nibble with your coffee.

But how to match them? Check out our handy guide for the perfect bite to complement every cup.

Dark Roast

  • Flavor: Bittersweet caramel
  • Pairing: Rich, wintry dishes

Medium Roast

  • Flavor: Sweet, clear coffee taste
  • Pairing: Delicately spiced sweets, lighter dishes

Light Roast

  • Flavor: Acidic, clean, unroasted taste
  • Pairing: Heavier, savory items

Latin America

  • Colombia
    • Medium bodied. Rich, citrusy tasting notes. Sweet, fruity, fermented flavor.
  • Honduras
    • Full-bodied, with sweet, mild flavor. Chocolate, nuts.
  • Mexico
    • Light-bodied, low acidity. Nuts, cocoa, wine.
  • Brazil
    • Light-medium bodied, low acidity, aromatic, nutty.
  • Guatemala
    • Full-bodied, with warm, chocolatey, toffee notes.


  • Kenya
    • Full-bodied, intense, rich, florid. Bergamot, berries, red wine. Acidic.
  • Ethiopia
    • Medium-full bodied, with rich, berry-like tasting notes. Dry, acidic, winey.
  • Uganda
    • Smooth-bodied, with a woodsy, earthy flavor reminiscent of orange pekoe tea.
  • Tanzania
    • Medium-full bodied.Tobacco, tea, fruit, chocolate, cedar. Bright, creamy.

Asia and Pacific Region

  • Vietnam
    • Robusta beans give Vietnamese coffee smoky, bitter flavors. Typically, deeply roasted.
  • Papua New Guinea
    • Mid-full bodied. Complex, sweet, clean tasting.
  • India
    • Medium-full body. Delicate flavor. Acidic. Cardamom, pepper and clove.
  • Indonesia
    • Full-bodied, with pleasant aftertaste. Low acid. Earthy, pungent, ripe. Cocoa.


  • Serve on ice alongside breakfast breads.


  • Serve on ice alongside broiled blood oranges with yogurt.


  • The perfect companion for cinnamon rolls.


  • Enjoy with hot banana nut muffins.


  • A romantic treat: hot espresso poured atop vanilla ice cream.


  • Sip alongside a snifter of good quality bourbon.


  • Try iced coffee alongside buttery popcorn.


  • Smoky coffee cuts through rich cheesecake.


  • An ideal companion for a richly spiced gingerbread.


  • Make a board of soft white cheeses, dark chocolate, dried berries.
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