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Creamy, rich, and decadent, chocolate is simply divine. This is a sentiment that’s shared around the world. Everybody loves it, and when there’s a demand, in comes the supply. In the case of cocoa powder, the world’s most cherished export, each country has its own method for perfecting the ancient art of chocolate making.

From the ancient civilizations of South and Central America to 16th century Italy and beyond, discover the story behind Italian chocolate and why it’s a favorite among cocoa gourmands and those with a sweet tooth.

Long before Italians discovered chocolate, the Mayans, Aztecs, and Egyptians were using cocoa powder in their ancient menu rotations. In the 16th century, cocoa powder was first brought to Italy by Francesco Carletti, who introduced it to the trade industry in Venice. Soon after, the early chocolate pioneers were using techniques borrowed from the ancient Aztecs to produce Italy’s first cold-pressed chocolate. And the rest, as they say, is history...

Perugina, Italy’s Favorite Chocolate

Baci Perugina is a favorite chocolate brand in Italy and around the globe. Exquisitely crafted using a classic recipe, these Italian chocolates are available for an amazing price at Supermarket Italy. What makes these chocolates truly special is the gianduja filling in a hard chocolate shell. The creamy whipped chocolate is infused with finely chopped hazelnuts, which enhances the cocoa with a combo of velvety, buttery, and nutty flavors. Each chocolate is finished with a whole hazelnut core, which gives it a satisfying crunch.

Pernigotti and Their Passion for Excellence

Supermarket Italy carries a wide variety of Italian chocolates, including the top rated Pernigotti brand. The second-generation chocolatiers at Pernigotti have a tradition of innovative production and advanced chocolate making technology, which can be tasted in their premium cocoa powder. In response to a lack of sugar during the first World War, Paolo Pernigotti created the revolutionary torrone, a honey-based recipe that made its way into other chocolate brands. Today, the rich and velvety flavors of Pernigotti can be experienced with hot chocolate, which can be easily made from scratch with their Pernigotti premium cocoa powder.

The Name Heard Around the World

The chocolate lover will appreciate having a supply of Nutella on hand, and what better place to get it than Supermarket Italy! Another revolutionary chocolate brand, Nutella became widely popular throughout Italy and all of Europe as an affordable, convenient, and delicious chocolate spread. It all started as an effective (and delicious!) solution to the cocoa shortages of World War II when Pietro Ferraro whipped together a combo of hazelnuts, sugar, and a small amount of hard to find cocoa. A chocolate spread for pancakes, toast, crepes, and so much more, Nutella fanatics relish the versatility of this treat.

A Classic Italian Indulgence

A gourmet twist on classic chocolate-covered fruits, Mitica ChocoHigo Hand Dipped Chocolate Figs are a delightful blend of velvety rich dark chocolate and the fruity flavors of hand picked Spanish figs. The smooth, melt-in-your-mouth quality is balanced with bright pops of flavor from the figs. For an elegant desert pairing, try it with Brachetto d’Acqui, an Italian sparkling red wine with a perfect balance of sweetness.

Intense Satisfaction in Powder Form

For serious chocolate lovers, Supermarket Italy carries the dark and decadent Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder that packs a bold chocolate punch; it’s not called Extra Brute for nothing! Use this amber cocoa powder on ice cream, espresso drinks, or whipped together with milk and sugar for classic hot chocolate.

With their rich history steeped in chocolate, Italian chocolatiers have time and again brought recognition and praise from chocolate lovers around the world. 

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