6 health benefits of buying Italian olives from Supermarket Italy

Italian cuisines are incomplete without the staple ingredient- olives. For centuries, olives are used as not only an Italian ingredient but also for its well-known medical properties.

Where some people devour olives like candies, others do not seem to have these black blessings on their good books. But the health secrets you are about to find out regarding the use of olives is sure to drive you to bask in its delights.

Planning on having an Italian gourmet meal tonight? Here are 6 reasons why you NEED to eat olives with it:

1.Cancer Prevention

Italian black olives carry vitamin E. This vitamin is a natural stimulant of free radical in the body. This allows the body’s cellular process to remain safe and healthy. As it safeguards the mitochondrial energy creation, it prevents the cells from being damaged by oxidation. This keeps the DNA cells from mutating due to damage thereby preventing the chances of cancer development.

2.Heart Health

The release of unregulated free radicals oxidizes cholesterol and end up damaging the blood vessels. This result in a fat build-up in the arteries, increasing the risks of strokes and heart attacks. Since Italian olives boast antioxidant properties, they prevent the oxidation and thereby, minimize the chances of heart diseases.

3.Hair and Skin Care

Olives, especially the dark ones such as gaeta, are crammed with healthy fatty acids and boast antioxidant properties. This improves and safeguards your overall health. Olives are naturally enriched with vitamin E, which is known as a skin care-taker and protects the skin from UVR rays, thereby eliminating the chances of skin cancer.

4.Vision Improvement

Vitamin A plays a key role in sight improvement. Since one cup of black olives carries 10% of the daily advised dose of vitamin A, using them in your specialty food really assists in keeping your vision healthy and significantly improved. Other benefits in incorporating black olives in Italian food include combating against glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other diseases that emerge with age- all thanks to vitamin A.

5.Bone and Tissues

Italian olives such as castelvetrano are renowned for their anti-inflammatory characteristics. This means that olives are rich in MUAFs and polyphenols that assist in reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and asthma. Using black olives in your Italian food provides you with a natural pain killer due to its oleocanthal chemicals.


It has already been discussed that using olives in specialty food allows you to intake your daily dose of vitamin E and MUAFs. This diminishes the chances of colon cancer by regulating free radicals. This also allows a healthy battle against gastritis and ulcers. The use of olive oil from an authentic Italian grocery store reduces the chances of gallstone formation by stimulating the pancreatic hormones. Research has also discovered that a cup of olives carries 17% of the daily advised fiber which allows a healthy digestive system and keeps your body healthy.

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