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How to Make Your Home into a Pizzeria

How to Make Your Home into a Pizzeria

One of the most iconic foods in Italian cuisine, pizza is the glory of the Old World culinary canon. First created in the 16th century, pizza became a beloved staple that was enjoyed by everyone, regardless of social class. The love for pizza quickly spread around the world, owing its universal appeal to a satisfying layer of thin, hand-stretched dough, tomato sauce, melted cheese, and mouth-watering toppings.

Every culture has its own version of this classic crowd pleaser, but what sets Italian pizza apart is the traditionally thin yet fluffy crust that is cooked in a wood-fired oven. The high temperature of the fire is what gives it gives the crust an elegant finished quality.

The best way to experience an authentic slice of pizza is by traveling to Sicily, but if you can’t make the trip over the pond, you can easily make it your own kitchen. At Supermarket Italy, we have everything you need for making authentic Italian pizza at home:


Bialetti 4-piece pizza stone: This pizza making set features all the essentials for making a crust with a distinctive wood-fired flavor. The 15-inch round ceramic stone cooks your pie at an extremely high temperature, which helps it bake evenly and absorb excess moisture. The 12 x 21” wood peel helps you easily slide pizzas on and off the stone.

For a perfect slice of pizza, the set also includes a classic wood handled pizza cutter and a 15 x 18” rack for easy serving. Another option for a pizza slicer is the professional-grade Bialetti 14-inch pizza chopper, which easily cuts through pizza with its durable stainless steel build.


Pizza Flour

The secret to Italian pizza is the flour, which should be a high quality, finely milled wheat known as type “00.” This special wheat contains just the right amount of fresh yeast, which gives Italian pizza a thin and fluffy consistency. With a superior texture and the purest quality, Capito 00 flour is the preferred choice for bakers throughout Italy and all over the world.

Tomato Sauce
Another distinction of Italian pizza is the tomato sauce, which is layered onto the dough while cold and then baked separately from the toppings. To master that authentic Italian flavor, always use peeled local Italian tomatoes like La Valle DOP San Marzano, which are grown in the rich soil of southern Italy. With a balanced amount of herbs and seasonings, these tender tomatoes make the quintessential Italian style pizza sauce. Another tasty option is Italian pizza with no sauce, which is called “Bianca.” Instead of tomato sauce, the dough is lightly drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled with cheese and other toppings.

Pizza Toppings

The toppings on your pizza all depends on your personal preference, but here are a few of our favorites to help you get started:

This classic topping will make your Italian pizza a favorite menu item at the dinner table.

For meat lovers, the spicy and pungent flavors of Italian style sausage lend a meaty and rich depth to melted cheese.

Red Peppers

Tender and delicate, sweet and sour red peppers add a fresh zest to your pizza, which helps temper the richness of the sausage and pepperoni.


With its tangy flavor and tender bite, artichokes in olive oil will add bright pops of flavor to your pizza. It also complements other toppings like sausage and red peppers.


Give your pizza just the right amount of sourness, which helps mellow the rich and briny flavors of pepperoni or sausage.


Tender and salty, olives add another punch of flavor to a glorious combination of melted cheese, tomato sauce and other delicious toppings. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A staple of Italian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil is drizzled on the top for a smooth, finishing touch, along with a scattering of fresh basil leaves. 

Serve your pizza with fresh grated Parmesan, an essential garnish for almost every type of Italian dish.

With all your pizza-making supplies in one convenient place, Supermarket Italy is your one-stop shop for turning your kitchen into a real Italian pizzeria. Buon appetito!

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