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Lunchbox Favorites


Whether it’s grade school, college, or a full time job, make your lunch hour a gourmet event when you pack your lunchbox with a satisfying variety of premium made in Italy foods. A combination of comfort food classics, these Italian grandmother-approved selections are sure to make you the envy of the cafeteria.

Cheese Crisps

Take your lunchtime snacking to the next level with the seriously addictive Ganarolo Italian Cheese Crisps Classic. Made with high-quality ingredients like 100% Italian aged cheese and a hint of rosemary, these crunchy and satisfying munchies are a delightful indulgence between sandwich bites.

These irresistible Italian crackers are also a healthy lunch option with 14 grams of protein and raw milk cheese that’s baked, not fried. It also makes an easy to-go snack with individually portioned packaging designed for storing in backpacks, lunchboxes, in the car—seriously, stash these yummy crackers anywhere and never go hungry again.


A well-rounded lunchbox isn’t complete until you include premium Italian made cookies like the mineral and vitamin infused Plasmon Biscuits. The secret to these healthy Italian biscuits is dried milk, a proprietary powder that contains the nutritional equivalent of 100 pints of milk. Pioneered as one of the first mainstream health foods of the early 1900s, Plasmon Biscotti continues to be Italy’s favorite cookie. In fact, Ernest Shackleton included Plasmon Biscuits in his survival rations on his Mount Everest expedition of 1902.

Pair them with milk and enjoy a classic Italian treat that also fortifies you with six vitamins and minerals. When it comes to choosing a cookie that’s tasty and good for you, Plasmon Biscuits are the best, and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Made with wholesome ingredients, Plasmon Biscuits are pure fuel for when you’re on the run or just need a quick bite to keep away the hunger pains. They also make the perfect companion to rich and frothy espresso drinks like cappuccino, lattes, and the like. The crunchy and substantial texture makes it excellent for dipping into cinnamon-dusted foam that tops many coffee beverages.

Castelvetrano Olive Salad

Bring the flavors of southern Italy to your next lunch break with Asaro Castelvetrano Olive Salad, a culinary tradition of Sicily. Get a taste of the entire region with a delightful combination of green and black olives, extra virgin olive oil, along with carrots, cauliflower, peppers, and celery. Helping release the fresh homegrown flavors of the veggies are a blend of herbs and seasonings like oregano, garlic, and capers for a touch of zest.

What sets this classic Italian spread apart is a time-honored farming tradition passed down through the generations. Handpicked vegetables are processed within four hours of harvesting, which helps enhance the natural flavors while maintaining freshness. Incorporate this quintessential Italian spread into your lunch menu with the famous New Orleans Mufalatta sandwich. The signature ingredient of this iconic recipe, spread a generous layer on bread, then pile on salami, capicola, and mortadella, plus Italian cheeses like mozzarella and channel the spirit of “The Big Easy” with every bite.

Dressings for Salads

With a selection of handcrafted salad dressings, get ready to transform any ordinary store bought lettuce into a gourmet Italian salad fit for the gods. The secret to enjoying fresh greens comes down to premium salad dressing, like the creamy and lemony Caesar from Walden Farms. Toss a few tablespoons in romaine lettuce and top with croutons for a classic Caesar salad at home or on the go. Another option for healthy snacking is a plate of crudités like fresh cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli, and cucumbers. Add a side of bleu cheese dressing for fresh, palate-cleansing bites that help balance the rich brininess of cured meat sandwiches.

Drizzle tender baby greens with balsamic vinegar and add your favorite salad toppings for a light and healthy salad that makes a refreshing side dish for gourmet Italian sandwiches. Variety is the spice of life–and salads–which is why you should also include classic dressings like rich and creamy Thousand Island, honey Dijon, and French. If you’re eating at home, it’s perfectly fine to coat the lettuce with dressing beforehand but if it’s for your lunchbox, keep it in a secure container on the side to avoid any spillage or worse, a soggy salad.

Soppressata Sausage

Eating on the go doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality. That is why adding Soppressata to your lunch break is a smart choice for the gourmet lunchbox. A type of finer ground salami, Soppressata packs a punch of spice and flavor that is sure to excite the taste buds. Try pairing thin slices with your favorite Italian cheeses or crumble onto a leafy green salad to temper the saltiness and give it a kick of flavor.

For the ultimate mouthwatering experience, add Soppressta slices to ciabatta bread and pile on your favorite toppings! Just put this savory sandwich into the break room toaster for ten minutes and be the toast of the lunch hour.

Volpi Salami

If tradition and history is any indicator, then your quest for the quintessential lunch ingredient should go no further than Salami. Steeped in legend and fermented over time, the special curing technique for this traditional staple is what gives it a distinctive flavor that complements a wide range of lunchbox delights. Put it on crackers with a slice of Italian cheese for an easy finger food at lunch or when you’re on a break at work. There’s nothing more classic than salami with your favorite comfort foods like toppings for a pizza or a salami and cheese Panini.

Easy to make and the perfect size for on-the-go lunches, add these Italian inspired recipes to your lunchbox rotation and bon appetito!

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