Stop Being Mean To Yourself and Start Eating More Beans

Trust me, no matter how healthy greens are; eating them feels no less than agony but who says eating green has to feel so mean?

Italian gourmet meals are easy to make at home. And since there is plenty of room for customization, you can always replace ingredients with healthy, green options.

In case you are being mean to yourself and not eating beans, start using beans in healthy Italian foods along with Italian herbs. This way you can eat greens without compromising on the flavors.

Still not convinced? Well, below are 5 health benefits of eating beans that will definitely get you started:

1.Great Source of Iron

Adding beans to your homemade Italian cuisine along with Italian seasonings and spices can give you the much needed boost of iron. Beans and lentils are a splendid source of Vitamin C, which increases the body’s absorption if iron. Vitamin C is also a great way of naturally repairing tissues. In case you experience any injuries, make sure to devour beans for a boost of Vitamin C.

2.Boosts Enzymes

Eating beans can significantly boost your enzymes. Of the many enzymes that beans boost, the most valuable are those that are vital to connective tissues and skin pigmentation. Beans can boost the enzymes because they carry traces of copper which is an effective mineral.

3.Aids in Weight Loss

According to a research published in the ‘Journal of the American College of Nutrition,’ it was discovered that people who use beans in their diets boast a 22% lower tendency to develop obesity. People who eat beans have also been reported to have lost inches. Since beans are crammed with fiber, they slow down the digestion and make you feel fuller for a longer time. This reduces the hunger craving and significantly cuts down on your meal intake. If you wish to lose some weight in a healthy manner, incorporate beans to your diet. And since you can add them in Italian meals, you don’t even have to feel the dullness from the lack of flavors thanks to strong and aromatic Italian herbs!

4.Prevents High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs due to hyper stressed muscles and veins. This causes the blood vessels to contract, resulting in a blockage in the blood flow. In return, this creates a high blood pressure problem. Beans brim with fiber and dietary protein. According to a recent Australian research, fiber and dietary protein prevents intense hypertension by expanding the blood vessels. In case you experience high blood pressure problems, make sure to use beans in your diet regularly.

5.Prevents Birth Defects

During pregnancy, women are encouraged to consume as much Folate as possible. This is because folate is natural birth defects repellant since it prevents problems from developing in the nervous system tubes. Using 1 cup of beans or lentils can provide you with 90% of the DV of folate.

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