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The Art of Panettone

The Art of Panettone

In the United States of America, the act of acquiring luxuries is a way to rise in status and standing in society. (A person’s prominence in his or her community is measured by the size of the house they live in and how exotic their car is). However, we are also a society that loves giving. Additionally, let us not forget that we are a society that loves saving; that feeling you get when you purchase a great product at a very low price is very gratifying. This is especially true during the holidays, where the act of giving has become a competition of sorts. Nowhere is this more evident than between family members; who can give Mom and Dad the best (most useful) gift at the lowest price? Since Christmas is around the corner, one of those gifts must be Panettone. Of course, one can always run to the local supermarket and over-pay for a cheap, dry tasting generic Panettone. Bringing that Panettone to a family dinner may not receive any complaints out of respect (depending on the family), but most likely will not receive any praises either. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to bring a Panettone to a family gathering that gets absolutely devoured within minutes, even after eating a huge dinner?

There is only one Panettone that meets the standard of having its production and recipe be considered an “Art”. Fiasconaro Panettone . Their motto says it all; “when pastry becomes art, pleasure, quality and tradition”. Fiasconaro as a company is run by three brothers, and as a Brand was created by their father in 1953. Made in Castelbuono, a Northern city in Sicily, every Fiasconaro Panettone is made using sourdough, carefully selected raw materials and put through a 36 hour long fermentation process. No chemical additives and preservatives are used in the production process. This natural process creates a product that is unmatched in taste, texture, and overall quality. The care and love these brothers put into each piece of Fiasconaro Panettone is evident in every delicious bite. Even opening up the elegant packaging is a treat in itself as it will cause a beautiful fragrance to envelop the room. So what can you expect with a purchase of Fiasconaro Panettone? Let us just say that arriving at a holiday dinner with a Fiasconaro Panettone in hand will definitely have you make a “bella figura”.

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