VIDEO RECIPE: How to Make Capocollo and Roasted Garlic Pizza

Every true Italian (and pretty much everyone else) loves capocollo. So we at Supermarket Italy came up with a fun way to include capocollo as part of one of our other favorite foods: pizza! Watch this quick video on how to make capocollo & roasted garlic pizza and try it yourself at home!

In this video, we teach you what pizza ingredients you’ll need to make the perfect pizza dough recipe for a delicious homemade pizza. You’ll see that learning how to make pizza isn’t as hard as you think!

Products Used in Video:

Daniele Hot Capocollo:

Daniele Sweet Capocollo:

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar:

Bialetti Pizza Stone Set:

Paneangeli Pizza Dough Yeast:

Corta Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Molino Grassi 00 Organic Flour:

La Valle Peeled Tomatoes:

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