Caffe Gioia 100% Arabica Nespresso Coffee, 30 Capsules

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This Caffe Gioia Coffee contains 100% Arabica beans

Enjoy a cup of espresso, or use these pods to make a cappuccino or latte.

These Nespresso capsules are compatible with any machine that accepts Nespresso pods.

An Italian coffee with a rich, full flavor, made with chosen Arabica varieties from Central America and South Africa for a delicate taste and distinct scent. The initial amiability is accentuated with exquisite essences of cream, toasted almonds, and caramel in this creamy coffee with a fine body and low acidity. Enjoy this excellent espresso anytime of day using your Nespresso machine.

In addition to espresso, you can use these single-serve coffee pods to make lattes and cappuccinos by adding steamed milk. Pair a freshly brewed cup of this Arabica bean espresso with your favorite dessert or pastry for a delightful weekend treat.

100% Arabica Beans

30 Capsules

Product of Italy

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