Colonna Coarse Kosher Salt, 3 lbs

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This Kosher Salt has a coarse texture

Use this type of salt to season meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

You can grind these coarse-grained salt crystals to use them in baking.

Colonna Coarse Kosher Salt is a pantry essential for cooking and baking! Made without additives, Kosher salt has a larger grain size and more depth than plain iodized salt.

Season fish, poultry, and pork for a more intense flavor. Grind it up to use in homemade breads. Make it part of a dry-rub for your favorite grilled meats. Or use it as an alternative to regular table salt as a condiment.

It's easy to pinch a dash of this Kosher-certified salt over a bowl of popcorn. Enjoy a few salt flakes on crackers with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Try this coarse salt instead of iodized table salt to season your soups, stews, and sauces. Or use this salt to add a decorative touch to a dessert dish.


3 lbs


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