Maekrua Oyster Sauce, 20.2 oz

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This Thai Oyster Sauce gives savory dishes a rich flavor

Try this sauce in stews, marinades, and stir-fry recipes.

You can use this oyster sauce as an alternative to fish sauce in many recipes.

Maekrua Oyster Sauce is a convenient way to add a bold, meaty flavor to a variety of recipes. Made with a mix of oyster juices and sweet soy sauce, this oyster sauce tastes great in stir-fries, marinades, and more.

Add a dash or two of this sauce to a stir-fry sauce. Use it to give stews a burst of flavor. Try it in a salad dressing with vinegar, oil, and fresh garlic. Or enjoy this Thai oyster sauce as a simple dip for savory meats and vegetables.

For a delicious fried rice or noodle dish, pair this oyster sauce with ginger, garlic, and green onions. Toss in eggs, chicken, tofu, or any of your favorite proteins.


Oyster extract, soy sauce (soybean, wheat flour, salt), water, sugar, salt, modified starch, corn starch, glucono-delta-lactone, sodium benzoate


20.2 oz (600mL)


Product of Thailand 


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