Montosco Organic Parsley Italian Stackable Jar, 10 grams

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This Italian Parsley is 100% organic

These green leaves add an herbal aroma and clean, slightly peppery taste to pastas, meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Mix this dried and chopped parsley with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt for a simple charcuterie board condiment.

Sourcing herbs, spices, and salts from across Italy and around the globe, Montosco brings authentic global flavors right to your kitchen pantry.

Harvested in Italy, Montosco Organic Parsley is dried and crushed. This bright green herb gives Italian dishes extra herbaceous flavor. Stir organic parsley into your favorite red sauce. Use this organically grown herb as a pizza topping. Or toss this curly leaf parsley with pasta noodles.

This herb is part of a line of Montosco stackable jars, so that you can save counter space without sacrificing any of your favorite flavors. Add it to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys cooking.


Dried parsley leaves


10 grams (0.35 oz)


Product of Italy


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