Sanniti Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Liter (33.8 oz)

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This Organic Olive Oil is unfiltered

Enjoy this high-quality Italian olive oil on a charcuterie platter with cured meats and toasted bread.

Drizzle over salads, sandwiches, pizza, and more.

Made with handpicked Italian organic olives, Sanniti Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is your new pantry essential. Unfiltered olive oil has more antioxidant properties, making it even more heart-healthy than the already superb extra virgin olive oil. It has a shorter shelf life than filtered olive oil, but will still last about three months unopened.

This Sanniti olive oil has a lightly spicy aroma and tastes of fruit with a finish of almond flavor. Enjoy it drizzled over pastas, roasted vegetables, and other vegetarian dishes. Add this oil to a marinade for meats and seafood dishes. Or mix this certified organic olive oil with balsamic vinegar for a robust salad dressing.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1 Liter (33.8 oz)


Product of Italy

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