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Is Cafix just another instant coffee brand?

No! Why not? Because Cafix isn’t coffee, it is a coffee substitute. Unlike other instant coffee brands, Cafix coffee substitute is an instant beverage that is naturally free of caffeine, sodium and cholesterol.

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Why should I drink Cafix instead of coffee?

Some people love the coffee taste, but don’t like the way that coffee makes them feel. The caffeine can make some people anxious or jittery, while the acidity can give others an upset stomach. Because Cafix is not acidic like regular coffee, it is a great coffee alternative for those with delicate digestive systems.

But what about decaf coffee?

Actually, decaf coffee isn’t totally caffeine free, it just takes out most of the caffeine of a regular cup. Cafix, however, is a coffee substitute that is entirely caffeine free.

What does Cafix taste like?

Just because it isn’t coffee, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste like coffee. Cafix coffee substitute is a blend of roasted barley, chicory, and sugar beets. These flavors come together to make a taste that any coffee drinker can enjoy.