All Star Red Wax Cheddar, 1 lb [PACK of 2]

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All Star Red Wax Cheddar is a traditional Wisconsin cheese

A golden-yellow cheddar produced in Wisconsin, this type of cheese is also known as "hoop cheddar."

Enjoy on a cheese board, paired with a pinot noir red wine.

All Star Red Wax Cheddar comes from the United States' cheese capital of Wisconsin. This popular cheese is also known as "hoop cheese" or "hoop cheddar" due to a unique cheese-making process that dates back to the early 1900s. Historically, cheese producers would use a ring-like device called a "cheese hoop" to press and separate the whey from this cow's milk cheese, leaving a delicious dairy product that's low in fat yet still has a smooth and creamy texture.

Made with traditional methods, this high-quality Wisconsin cheddar cheese has an intense golden yellow color as well as the rich flavor and texture for which American cheddar cheese is known and loved. This type of cheddar can be melted on a burger or added to your favorite toasted sandwich. Toss it in a mac and cheese recipe. Or use this mild cheddar to make a delectable grilled cheese.

Serve this cheddar with fresh fruit, thinly sliced meats, and other cheese varieties on a charcuterie board. Cheddar with Spanish chorizo is one cheese pairing that is especially delectable. This genuine Wisconsin cheese is best enjoyed with your favorite glass of red wine, wheat beer or even champagne.

1 lb. each (Pack of 2)


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