Beemster Premium Signature Aged Gouda Wedge, 8 oz [Pack of 2]

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Beemster Aged Gouda Cheese is the Cheese Maker's signature

This type of Gouda is aged for a minimum of one year, giving it a rich blend of sweet and salty flavors.

A product of Holland, this authentic Gouda is made from cow's milk provided by Dutch farmers.

Hand-selected by none other than Beemster’s master cheesemaker, Beemster Signature Aged Gouda Cheese is extremely special. Named after the city of Gouda, it's no wonder that this sweet and buttery type of cheese is one of the most popular cheeses at grocery stores around the world. This premium Gouda is the most exceptional representation of Beemster's cheese recipes, aged for a minimum of one year to achieve an ideal salty-sweet flavor and notes of rich caramel. This aged cheese is firm and smooth with beautiful crystallization.

Enjoy this signature Gouda on a cheese platter, perhaps with smoked Gouda to compare. Melt it in a hot sandwich, grilled panini, or as part of a gourmet mac and cheese dish. Or serve this semi-firm cheese with fresh fruit and thinly sliced meat on a charcuterie board. The rich flavor of this aged cheese contrasts well with green olives. Pair Beemster’s most impressive cheese with your favorite red wine or a refreshing wheat beer.

8 oz each (Pack of 2)

Product of Holland

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