Raspini Mito Cotto Ham with Red Vermouth, 7 Lbs

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This Cotto Ham is flavored with red vermouth

Pair this vermouth ham with Mediterranean cheeses on a charcuterie platter.

This Italian prosciutto is delicious on deli-style sandwiches and paninis.

Raspini Mito Cotto Ham with Red Vermouth is cooked ham flavored with vermouth from Turin. This Italian cooked ham makes a delicious addition to a charcuterie board with a selection of fresh fruit and Mediterranean cheeses. You can also enjoy thin slices of this ham on a deli sandwich or grilled panini.


Pork meat, water, salt, seasoning (pork, salt, isolated lime, lemon, carrot and chicory product, mace, yeast extract, coriander essential oil, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, sunflower oil, triacetin, mandarin essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, hot pepper, maltodextrin, gum Arabic, black pepper extract, fatty acid esters), Himalayan pink salt, red Vermouth from Turin, honey, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite


7 Lbs (Average)


Product of Italy

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