EverGreen Gluten Free Superfood Bites, 5.08 oz

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EverGreen Superfood Bites are a gluten-free snack

EverGreen Bites are flavorful snacks made with natural ingredients and packed with nutrients.

Enjoy these nutrient-rich superfood bites with yogurt, oatmeal, or fresh fruit for a healthy, filling breakfast.

For a gluten-free snack that is wholesome and nutritious, try EverGreen Gluten Free Superfood Bites. Made with just three ingredients of figs, chia seeds, and walnuts, these round bites are packed with nutrients and have no sugar added. Add these healthy snacks to yogurt for a balanced breakfast, or enjoy on the go at snack time.

figs, chia seeds, and walnuts

5.08 oz

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