Mount Olive Finocchiona Reduced Sodium Natural, 8 oz

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Mount Olive Finocchiona is a dried salami with fennel seeds

The addition of fennel seeds gives this Italian meat a distinct aroma and flavor.

Prepared with a dry curing process, this Italian salami makes a delightful charcuterie meat.

Salami finocchiona was originally made with wild fennel seeds which add a delicious, aromatic element to this reduced sodium salami. Mount Olive Finocchiona comes with 45% reduced sodium and is all natural with no nitrates or nitrites added.

This salami makes a tasty addition to a snack, appetizer, or traditional antipasto. Serve it on a charcuterie board with fruit and cheese. Pairing with red wine and sharp Italian cheese is highly recommended.

Small diameter angle cut - vacuum packed

8 oz



[Refrigerate after Opening]

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