Mount Olive Milano Salami Reduced Sodium Natural, 8 oz [Refrigerate after Opening]

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Mount Olive Milano Salami has less sodium and more flavor

This dry-cured Italian meat has a slight kick and a mouthwatering taste.

Enjoy with Italian cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano.

Whether it is for a snack, appetizer or platter, the spicy taste of this reduced sodium salami will have you coming back for more. Mount Olive Milano Salami has 45% reduced sodium and is all natural with no nitrates or nitrites added.

Serve this Italian salami on a charcuterie board with dried fruit, sharp cheese, and a dash of freshly ground black or white pepper. Pair with white wine for a sweet and savory evening snack.

Small diameter angle cut - vacuum packed

8 oz


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