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Where does Havarti cheese come from?

Havarti is a Danish cheese made of cow’s milk. It was first made in the 19th century in an area north of Copenhagen. There are two types: Havarti and cream Havarti. Cream Havarti is smoother with a more buttery texture that is similar to Brie cheese.

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What does Havarti cheese taste like?

This Danish cheese is a very mild-tasting cheese. It does get stronger with age, however, and mature Havarti cheese is thought to taste similar to Swiss cheese. Because Havarti is is so subtle and buttery, it is often flavored with herbs and seeds, such as caraway and dill.

How should I eat Havarti cheese?

Havarti isn’t one of those cheeses that is good for the cheese board and nothing else. This Danish cheese works well in salads, sandwiches, cheese dips, mac and cheese, and hamburgers! Havarti makes an excellent melted cheese, so any recipe that calls for melted cheese, like a simple panini, is a prime opportunity for Havarti to shine.