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Holiday Traditions in Italy

In both the United States and Bell’Italia, the December holidays are a special time filled with family and good food. Bring some holiday cheer stateside with delicious traditional sweets eaten at Christmas in Italy, including panettone, pandoro, and torrone. 

What is panettone?

One of the most iconic Italian Christmas traditions, panettone is a sweet bread traditionally baked with raisins and other dried fruit. The cake originated in Milan and is said to have its roots in Ancient Rome, where Romans soaked leavened cake in honey. Rising in an iconic dome shape, classic panettone includes orange and lemon zest flavors, but can also be made with chocolate, sweet icing, pistachio crumbs and more. 

What kinds of Italian Christmas foods can I buy?

Supermarket Italy online grocery offers a wide selection of the sweets eaten at Christmas in Italy. By far the most popular is panettone, the sweet bread made with raisins, and you can find a great variety of flavors. For classic flavor, try Fiasconaro Mandorla Panettone or Tre Marie Milanese Panettone with Raisins and Candied Fruit. Chocolate lovers, by contrast, will want to dip into panettone such as Tre Marie Re Noir Panettone with Extra Dark Chocolate and Cacao.

There are certainly other Italian Christmas foods, too. Pandoro is another traditional Christmas cake, denser and typically covered in sweet vanilla icing. Try Tre Marie Il Magnifico Intenso Pandoro with Chocolate. For stocking stuffers, there is also torrone, a nougat made of whipped egg white, honey, and sugar, mixed together with nuts and chocolate.