Palacios Pre-Sliced Serrano Ham, 3.5 oz

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Pre-sliced Serrano Ham offers a convenient taste of Spain

Also called "jamon serrano," this cured Spanish meat is made from the hind legs of white pigs.

A traditional curing process gives these Spanish hams a savory flavor that's great for charcuterie boards.

Palacios Pre-Sliced Serrano Ham is a wonderful choice for sampling Spanish cuisine. Similar to Italian prosciutto, this meat is dry-cured ham produced in Spain that's typically served as thin slices. Unlike jamón Ibérico which is produced with Spain's prized Iberian pigs, serrano ham (or "jamón serrano") is made from more common breeds of pig. While both types of pork have a distinctive flavor, serrano ham is generally more affordable than Iberian ham.

For breakfast, add Palacios Ham to an egg or potato dish. Later in the day, you can pair it with sharp cheeses on a charcuterie board, or use this cured pork to make a delectable toasted sandwich or grilled panini with fresh herbs.

Pork ham and salt

3.5 oz

Product of Spain

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