Borgo de Medici Organic Puree Passata Tomato Sauce, 24.3 oz

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Product Description:
Borgo de Medici is an Italian company that celebrates the traditional flavors of Tuscany. An ideal base for marinara sauces, their Organic Puree Passata Tomato Sauce is made by straining fresh Italian tomato pulp along with celery, carrots, onion, and olive oil. You can add more tomatoes, cream, and Tuscan spices to give it enhanced body and flavor, or enjoy it as is. Mix this savory red sauce with your favorite pasta noodles, or use for topping homemade pizza.  

Tomato pulp, tomato sauce, celery, olives, carrot, onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, fructose. Organic.

18.7 oz (530 g)

Product of Italy

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