India Tree Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Bean

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This Madagascar Vanilla Bean is rich and fragrant

Use this Bourbon vanilla bean to make a homemade vanilla extract.

Add real vanilla flavor to ice cream, cakes,  coffee, and much more.

Originating from an elegant Mexican climbing orchid, vanilla bean is now one of the most prominent spices in the culinary world. The aromatic dried fruit has a ton of uses. It lends its delicate taste to cakes, coffee, poached fruit, butter sauce for white fish, and more.

Mix a few tiny vanilla seeds with granulated sugar for a homemade vanilla sugar that you can add to any hot or cold beverage. This vanilla pod also makes a beautiful display in any kitchen.

The India Tree Premium Bourbon Vanilla Bean from Madagascar gives you an intense source of vanilla flavor. Just infuse this high-quality vanilla into the milk or sugar in your recipe, then simply rinse it, pat dry, and return to an airtight container for future enjoyment.


One bean per jar.


Product of Madagascar

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