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Kimbo Premium Coffee: The Taste of Naples in Your Home

For the best in Neapolitan coffee, Kimbo authentic Italian espresso brings the flavor of Naples to your home kitchen. A smooth and creamy roast, Kimbo is a premium coffee made with Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America. If you can’t make the trip to Naples, include Kimbo espresso beans in your weekly coffee rotation and create your own Neapolitan café from the comfort of home. 

What Makes Kimbo Coffee Unique?

50 years ago in Naples, a band of brothers started roasting espresso beans in their father’s bakery. Thanks to a passion for excellence and an intuitive, entrepreneurial spirit, the Rubino brothers were able to bring their Neapolitan coffee to cafes and homes throughout Italy and the world. Ahead of the production game, they were already using state-of-the-art packing techniques, including vacuum-packed cans, which made it possible to ship their Neapolitan coffee anywhere in the world. Their premium coffee and espresso varieties now line shelves in Italy and abroad, always maintaining the high quality standard and rich, Neapolitan flavor.

What types of Italian coffee products does Kimbo Coffee sell?

The premium coffee selections of Kimbo are designed to suit every taste. For a classic Italian espresso, the Caffe Kimbo Aroma Espresso White Can has a rich aroma and tantalizing flavor. Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano Black Brick is another espresso variety that is smooth and creamyand if you get hooked, the espresso comes in a 20 pack! For those who love the taste of Kimbo espresso but don’t want the stimulating effects of caffeine, there is also Caffe Kimbo Decaf Can blend.  Kimbo whole bean coffee is perfect for the gourmands who prefer to grind their own coffee beans

Just as the Rubino brothers were ahead of the times in 1960, the family has kept up with modern trends and produces a wide range of Kimbo Italian espresso pods. Try Kimbo Napoli Espresso pods for that classic Neapolitan coffee flavor!