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La Fabbrica Della Pasta

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What is La Fabbrica Della Pasta? 

For centuries, the people of Gragnano, Italy, have been producing some of the finest dried pasta in the world. La Fabbrica Della Pasta is a modern leader of this grand tradition, making pasta noodles from superior durum wheat products and traditional family recipes. What started as a storefront in 1940 has become a global exporter of artisan Italian pasta, with all of the same attention to detail and traditional production methods still in place yet adapted for a modern world.  

An Ancient Italian Pasta Tradition in a Modern World 

More than 500 years ago, Gragnano pasta making involved only two ingredients; durum wheat semolina and spring water from the mountains. The pasta was then cast in a bronze mold and dried in the sun. To this day, La Fabbrica Della Pasta uses those same ingredients and molds and has successfully translated the sun-dried method to the factory setting. As a result, the Gragnano Pasta Factory is the first pasta factory in the world to have obtained the "Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P." certification, meaning that their pasta is as close to the original as can be. 

What kinds of pasta can I buy?

La Fabbrica Della Pasta makes a great variety of Italian pasta shapes. Make spaghetti and meatballs with a long pasta noodle such as Spaghetti di Gragnano or La Fabbrica Della Pasta Bucatini e Percitelli. For oven baked dishes and stuffed pasta, Pasta Paccheri di Gragnano is great for catching thick sauces. Explore utterly unique pasta shapes and flavor combinations such as La Fabbrica Della Pasta Scialatielli al Limone or penne with squid ink. La Fabbrica Della Pasta has also expanded to include a line of gluten-free pasta, so that everyone can enjoy it no matter their dietary restrictions.