Mechaalany Whole Figs in Syrup, 28 oz

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These Whole Figs are preserved in syrup

These figs in syrup are seasoned with sesame and cloves.

Enjoy these sweet figs on a cheese board with dry-cured meats, crackers, and fig jam.

Whole figs in syrup are the best way to enjoy figs all year round as fig season is fairly short. Mechaalany Whole Figs in Syrup contain fresh and tangy figs preserved in syrup with a hint of sesame or cloves.

Figs in syrup can be eaten on their own or by adding them to various desserts. In Lebanon, figs are usually a part of a healthy breakfast or to satisfy that sweet tooth after dinner. Try these figs with goat cheese on a charcuterie board. Or add fig flavor to cocktails and non-alcoholic mixed drinks with a spoonful of this syrup.


Fresh fig, sesame, cloves, citric acid, sugar


28 oz (800g)


Product of Lebanon

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