Rovagnati Mortadella Mini, 1 lb [PACK of 2]

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These Mini Mortadella are ready to enjoy

Serve slices of this Italian meat as part of a sandwich, panini, or even as a pizza topping.

Enjoy thin slices of this cured meat on a charcuterie board with cheese and wine.

Mortadella is an Italian deli meat made from ground pork meat and pork fat. This type of cured pork is the original version of mortadella bologna, the classic cold cut found in deli's throughout the United States. To put it simply, it is the gourmet Italian ancestor of American baloney.

Rovagnati Mortadella Minis are small versions of the typically large Italian meat. This cured meat is made with natural ingredients and prepared according to expert Italian techniques. Use sliced  in sandwiches, in pasta, or on pizza to enjoy the rich pork flavor of this traditional cured meat.

1 lb each (Pack of 2)


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