Sanniti Picholine Olives Jar, 19.4 oz

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Picholine Olives make great snacking and cocktail olives

Enjoy this Italian olive variety with salami, mortadella, or even Spanish chorizo on a charcuterie board.

Add to fresh Greek salads, pastas, or other Mediterranean recipes.

Sanniti Picholine Olives are green olives grown and preserved in Italy. Originally cultivated in Southern France, Picholine are known for being small and buttery, making them ideal for cocktail snacks as well as martinis. Drop them in your favorite vodka cocktail.

Serve this flavorful type of olive on a charcuterie board with salty pecorino romano cheese and balsamic vinegar. Or add them to a pizza along with sliced black olives and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. With a pleasant, mild fruity flavor, these delicious table olives can even be used as an alternative to the prized "nocellara del Belice" castelvetrano olives.

Olive (58%), water, salt, ascorbic acid (antioxidant), lactic acid (acidity regulator).

Net weight: 550g ; 19.4 oz

Product of Italy

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