Nirvana Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts, 4.94 oz

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These Heart-shaped Dark Chocolates make a thoughtful gift

These Nirvana chocolate hearts are made with certified organic ingredients.

Add this Nirvana chocolate to a gift basket for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Nirvana Organic Dark Chocolate Hearts make a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day as well as other special occasions. These gourmet, heart-shaped chocolates are made with 100% organic ingredients and have a rich texture and flavor. Enjoy these dark chocolate hearts with a glass of espresso or dessert wine for a luxurious snack. Add these individually wrapped chocolates to a gift basket, or serve them as part of an indulgent dessert platter.


Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa powder*, emulsifier soy lecithin*, cocoa min 72.2%*.

*Organic certified by BE-BIO-02


4.94 oz - 10 Pieces


Product of Belgium

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