Mmmediterranean Atlantic Salmon Faroe Islands Farmed, 8 oz Each (Pack of 4)

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Savor Mmmediterranean Salmon from the North Atlantic

This Faroe Islands salmon is sustainably farmed and free of antibiotics.

Grill, sear, or bake this all-natural seafood in a variety of Mediterranean recipes.

Mmmediterranean Atlantic Salmon is farmed off the coasts of the Faroe Islands, located at the center point between Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. This premium quality fresh fish is responsibly and sustainably farmed as well as antibiotic-free. The cold, clean waters of this part of the Atlantic Ocean give this farmed salmon a lovely flavor, great fat content, and high Omega-3 fatty acids content.

You can prepare this beautiful Atlantic salmon virtually any way you'd like. Sear or grill then enjoy with lemon, asparagus, and roasted potatoes. For a refreshing evening meal, bake in a marinade of olive oil, honey, and garlic, then serve over rice or quinoa with sliced cucumbers. Best enjoyed with a bottle of red or white wine. Comes frozen.

4 x 8 oz each (total weight of 32 oz)

Product of Faroe Islands

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