Albert Menes Dried Lemon Zest 1.2 oz

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This Dried Lemon Zest is a tangy ingredient

This dried citrus zest is a convenient alternative to fresh lemon peels or zest.

A teaspoon of dried lemon peel is a great way to add acidity to any number of recipes.

Since 1921, Albert Ménès has made and distributed grocery products of the highest quality in France. From jams to dried herbs to spice mixes, there's truly something for every dish in Albert Ménès' selection of goods.

Albert Menes Dried Lemon Zest are a convenient way to add a bit of brightness and acidity to recipes. This completely dry zest of lemon lasts considerably longer than fresh lemon zest and is great to have on hand when you're out of the fresh citrus fruit.

This dried lemon zest makes it super easy to add the flavor and aroma of lemons to salad dressings, marinades, and much more. Try adding a hint of lemon to soups and stews. Or you can even cook these dried lemon peels with sugar to make candied lemon zest—a great topping for desserts as well as a colorful garnish for mixed drinks.


Dehydrated lemon zest (100%).


1.2 oz (35g)


Product of France

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