Albert Menes French Gourmet Gingerbread with Honey, 11 oz

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This French Gingerbread is made with honey and rye flour

This honey gingerbread loaf has a soft texture and sweet, spiced flavor.

Pair this traditional gingerbread with tea or coffee.

Albert Menes French Gourmet Gingerbread is a spiced bread made with honey and rye flour. A variety of French gingerbread spices give this dessert a rich, warm flavor.

Pair this ginger honey bread with your favorite blend of tea or coffee. Or dust it with powdered sugar and serve on a dessert platter with fresh berries and chocolate. You can also enjoy this gingerbread loaf with a scoop of ice cream for a luxurious dessert dish. Alternatively, savor this French honey bread with a bottle of dessert wine.

This gourmet gingerbread makes a wonderful dessert for Christmas and other holidays. Share it with friends and family for a warm winter treat. Or add it to a gift basket for anniversaries, birthdays, and any other special occasion.


honey 55%, rye flour (GLUTEN), water, raising agent: bicarbonate of soda, spices. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF MILK and NUTS.


11 oz (300g)


Product of France

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