Ile de France Plain Goat Cheese Log, 10.5 oz [Pack of 3]

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This Plain Goat Cheese has a fresh, tangy flavor

Enjoy this French cheese on a charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Pair this cheese with wine or sparkling cider.

Ile De France Plain Goat Cheese Log is a fresh roll of goat cheese with a creamy texture and bright, salty flavor. You can use this high-quality cheese in any recipe that calls for fresh goat cheese. Crumble it over a salad or pasta dish. Or try a cheese appetizer with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh herbs on toasted bread.

This goat cheese is an excellent choice for a cheese board. Pair it with dry-cured charcuterie meat, pistachios, and dried cranberries. Or drizzle it with honey for a sweet and savory party appetizer. Serve this cheese cold or at room temperature.


Pasteurized Goat”s Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Enzymes


10.5 oz [Pack of 3]


Product of France

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