Holland Delta Hot Chili Baby Gouda Cheese, 15 oz (Pack of 2)

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This Hot Chili Baby Gouda Cheese has a flavorful kick

Hot chili peppers add a delicious heat to this creamy Dutch cheese.

Made in the traditional Dutch style, this type of cheese tastes wonderful on sandwiches or charcuterie boards.

Holland Delta Hot Chili Baby Gouda Cheese is a delicious Dutch cheese that is certain to wow your tastebuds! This cheese is a semi-firm, traditional style Gouda cheese infused with hot chilis for a hot and spicy kick. The creamy gouda texture and chili pepper heat combine perfectly for an irresistible slice.

Melt this type of Gouda over a smoky burger. Add a slice to a toasted sandwich or grilled panini. Or enjoy it on a cheese board with your favorite glass of wine or wheat beer. Each cheese is always stamped for authenticity. Don’t forget to remove the rind before eating!

Pack of 2, 15 oz (425g) each~ Approximately


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