Mmmediterranean Hake Loin Center Cut, 16 x 3.5 oz

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Mmmediterranean Hake is sustainably fished near Ireland

This versatile white fish is like cod, but with a slightly milder flavor.

Grill, bake, or pan fry for hake recipes from the North Atlantic and other regions.

Fished throughout the year under strict quota control that ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem, this hake is caught in the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic, in Ireland. These selected cuts from the center of the loin are tastier and easier to prepare in many recipes compared to hake fillets or even other white fish fillets. These frozen hake portions ship with the skin-on and have been scaled. Comes frozen.

For a quick and easy recipe, coat this white fish with olive oil and grill or pan fry until slightly crispy, then add lemon juice and serve with asparagus or wild rice. You can also add this lean, North Atlantic fish to fresh salads with a vinaigrette dressing. Or even bread and fry for pub-style fish and chips. Best paired with a glass of white wine for a delightful evening meal.

Comes frozen.

16 x 3.5 oz
(Total 16 Hake Loin cuts, each weigh 3.5 oz)

Product of North Atlantic, Ireland

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