Antica Salumeria Sliced Parma Prosciutto 18 Month, 3 oz each (Pack of 3)

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Antica Salumeria Parma Prosciutto is a quality aged meat

The unique flavor of this Italian meat comes from pork legs that have been air dried and aged for 18 months.

Enjoy sliced prosciutto as part of a gourmet charcuterie board.

L’Antica Salumeria is one of the most famous, oldest gourmet food shops in Rome. Originating in the city of Parma, Italy, the Italian Prosciutto di Parma from Antica Salumeria is made from only the finest pork legs, which are placed in climate-controlled cellars during the traditional slow curing process. These high quality cuts of pork are then aged for 18 months, giving them time to develop the slightly sweet and delicate flavor that sets them apart from Italy's many other cured meats. This sweet and salty, thinly sliced meat is one of the best imported to the United States.

All that’s needed for this delicious Prosciutto di Parma is sea salt, air from the Parma hills, and time. Enjoy authentic Italian prosciutto recipes with red wine. Place it on a charcuterie board with a sharp cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano, or use it to make a freshly sliced prosciutto and arugula pizza.

3 oz each (Pack of 3) 

Product of Italy

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