Benedetto Cavalieri Bucatini, 17.6 oz

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This Bucatini Pasta soaks up both light and creamy sauces

This type of Italian pasta is long and thick with a hollow center, making it ideal for dishes with hearty sauces.

Use bucatini as an alternative to spaghetti in your favorite pasta recipes.

Benedetto Cavalieri Bucatini is similar to spaghetti, except that it has a hollow interior that allows it to soak up sauces. Enjoy this Benedetto Cavalieri pasta with tomato sauce, pesto, or any other pasta sauce. Try it as an alternative to spaghetti in a classic Italian pasta recipe like cacio e pepe. Or prepare it with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, sea salt, and pepper or red pepper flakes for a simple Italian pasta dish.

There's a virtually endless variety of ways to enjoy bucatini noodles. For a robust Italian-style dinner, serve your chosen pasta dish with warm bread and a fresh salad. Best paired with a bottle of wine or sparkling cider.

Looking for gift ideas for a birthday, holiday, or any other occasion? Add these authentic Italian noodles to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.


Durum wheat flour


17.6 oz 


Product of Italy

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