Cascina Oschiena Wholegrain Venere Rice, 18 oz

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This Venere Rice is a whole-grain variety

This black rice contains anthocyanin antioxidants as well as protein and minerals.

Use this type of rice as an alternative to brown rice, white rice, and quinoa.

Venere is a whole-grain variety of rice with black grains and a distinctive fresh baked bread aroma. Its strong color comes from anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants found in the plant. This Italian rice is rich in protein and minerals and highly digestible.

This cooked black rice has a pleasantly chewy texture and rich aroma. Try it as a substitute for brown or white rice in recipes like risottos and pilafs. Or use this black rice to make a delicious pudding.

Wholegrain venere rice is excellent combined with vegetables, meat, or fish—or seasoned alone with herbs and olive oil! Cascina Oschiena is one of only five farms in Italy to grow ancient, classic varieties of rice.


18 oz (500g)


Product of Italy

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