Casarecci Pizza Kit Bella Italia

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Product Description:
Want to try your hand at making an authentic, traditional style Italian pizza? All of the essential ingredients you need to do so are right here in this Casarecci Pizza Kit. This pizza set contains pizza flour, pizza sauce, and even a small roller to help you roll the dough! The flour is specially made by the natural process of stone grinding, which allows it to retain its inherent vitamins and minerals. The back label also gives exact instructions for you to follow to make your pizza. This beautifully packaged and useful pizza-making kit makes the job a lot easier!

Pizza Flour: Whole wheat flour 48%, soft wheat flour 48%, yeast, salt
Tomato Sauce: Tomato pulp 94%, olive oil, basil 2%, salt, garlic (contains sulfites), citric acid

Flour Net Weight: 8.81 oz
Tomato Sauce Net Weight: 4.58 oz


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