Rieme Sparkling Pink Lemonade, 11 oz.

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Enjoy this beautiful Pink Rieme Lemonade

This sparkling lemon drink is great on its own or as a cocktail mixer.

Natural flavors give this lemonade a refreshing taste with just the right amount of tartness.

Rieme has been bottling delicious sparkling lemonades with real sugar for over 90 years. Rieme Sparkling Pink Lemonade is a calming, aromatic carbonated beverage with wonderful sour and sweet notes! This fruity and citrus-flavored, lightly carbonated beverage is beloved for its puckering flavors and distinct appearance.

Sparkling Pink Lemonade from Rieme is a delightfully refreshing beverage on its own, but also makes fantastic ingredient for a variety of cocktails. Try it in a Pink Vodka Lemonade, or use it in a Moscow Mule along with ginger ale. You can even make a lemonade float by pouring this sparkling beverage in a tall glass and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Carbonated water, beet sugar, citric acid (acidifier), natural lemon flavor with others naturals flavors, SAIB and glycerol ester of wood rosin (stabilizers), FD&C red No.40 and FD&C blue No.1 (as color)

11 oz (300mL)

Product of France

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