Himalayan Infused Salt Sampler, 6 Tins (0.5 oz each)

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Caravel Gourmet Himalayan Infused Salt Sampler, 6 Tins has all the flavor of it’s salt sampler counterparts, with even more mineral content. Use this set to create a ton of uniquely flavorful recipes. Add heat with the Habanero, aroma with the Herbs de Provence, savoriness with the Alderwood Smoked and Himalayan Garlic, and earthiness with the Porcini. And of course, get a traditional taste from the Himalayan Pink Salt. Liven up your own kitchen, or share these delectable sea salts as a gift for your favorite foodie.

6 reusable tins. 0.5 oz each

Product of USA

Comes with a wooden spoon for the perfect portion.

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