Sanniti Cherry Tomato Sauce, 11.64 oz

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Sanniti Cherry Tomato Sauce is perfect for pasta recipes

This authentic Italian tomato sauce is made with basil, onions, and olive oil.

Enjoy with your favorite pasta noodle, or add more ingredients to make a robust red sauce.

Made with real cherry tomatoes, Sanniti Cherry Tomato Sauce is bright and flavorful. Every bottle mixes crushed tomatoes with salt, olive oil, and basil. Use this as a base for red sauce pasta dishes or for tossing with spaghetti noodles for a quick dinner that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. Try dipping some freshly baked garlic bread in this zesty sauce for a bold flavor combination.

You can even use this cherry tomato sauce for a homemade pizza. Simply strain it to reduce the amount of liquid it has before spreading it on the dough and adding your favorite toppings.

92% Cherry Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Salt, Citric Acid, Onion

11.64 oz (330 grams)


Product of Italy

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