Palacios Salchichon, 7.9 oz [Refrigerate After Opening]

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Salchichon is a dry-cured summer sausage from Spain

Made from pork, this Spanish meat is similar to chorizo and can be used in many of the same dishes.

Serve with wine and cheese for a delightful evening snack.

If you like chorizo, you will love salchichon! This ground pork sausage is traditionally made from the lean meat of Spanish white pigs, but some variations use wild boar or even the world-famous Iberian pigs. Made from pork, Palacios' "ready to eat" Spanish sausages are ideal to serve as a snack. With high quality ingredients and no artificial colors, these cured sausages are perfect for a charcuterie board. Enjoy thinly sliced salchichon in a sandwich or eat them plain.

Pork, lactose, dextrin, milk, sugar, spices, beet juice concentrate, sodium ascorbate, trisodium citrate, spices extract, salt, water, dextrose, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite and lactic starter culture. Natural casing.

7.9 oz

Product Of Spain

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