Mmmediterranean Cooked Galician Mussels, 8 x 2.2 lbs

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Mmmediterranean Mussels come from the estuaries of Galicia

Enjoy these Spanish mussels in seafood pastas, paellas, and other Mediterranean recipes.

These Galician mussels have a smooth black shell with shades of blue, giving them a visual appeal that matches their rich flavor.

The mussel shell consists of two equal triangular shaped shells. Its color is black with blue hues, and its shell is smooth with concentric lines. Super convenient and easy to prepare, these come pasteurized and frozen in 2.2 lb pound vacuum pack bags.

These can added to any number of seafood dishes from Spain, Italy, France, and more. Enjoy them as an appetizer with lemon, garlic, and chives. Serve them on top of a fresh salad with a red wine vinaigrette. Or toss them in a pasta recipe after steaming in butter, olive oil, and stock. Best enjoyed with a bottle of white wine.

Comes frozen.

8 x 2.2 lbs
(Total 8 Mussels Bags, each weigh 2.2 lbs)

Product of Galician estuaries

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