Pesce Azzurro Salted Anchovies, 11 Lbs

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These Pesce Azzurro Anchovies are packed in Brine

These salt-packed Italian anchovies are perfect for adding a burst of savory flavor to meaty dishes and sauces.

Enjoy the rich taste of this oily fish in a pizza, salad, or pasta dish.

Sanniti has partnered with Pesce Azzurro to bring you quality salted anchovies from Cefalù, Sicily. brine-packed anchovies are filleted and jarred by hand, just as Sicilians have been doing it for generations. The simple combination of salt and water is all that's used to prepare these small fish. This bulk size is perfect for restaurants, delis, and large gatherings. 

Enjoy straight out of the jar. Toss them into salads and pasta recipes along with a drizzle of olive oil. Or prepare a homemade Caesar salad dressing. You can even use these as an alternative to colatura di alici in certain Mediterranean dishes.

Anchovies, salt, brine.

Net Wt: 176 oz (5kg)
Drained Wt: 141 oz (4kg)

Product of Italy

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