Montosco Black Peppercorn with Premium Grinder, 1.5 oz (43 g)

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This Black Peppercorn Grinder contains fresh pepper

Ground black pepper delivers a fresh, bold flavor and aroma.

Enjoy freshly ground pepper in sauces, roasted vegetable dishes, burgers, and much more.

Sourcing spices from across Italy and around the globe, Montosco brings authentic global flavors right to your kitchen pantry. All Montosco spices are selected within one day of when they are picked for maximum freshness and flavor!

Montosco Black Peppercorn comes bottled in a premium grinder that makes it easy to add peppery flavor to any dish. These dried fruits have a piquant flavor and aroma that pairs well with virtually any savory recipe.

Black pepper is arguably the world's most versatile spice. Use this pepper grinder to season chicken, poultry, beef, and fish, and experience an enhanced depth of flavor!

You can also grind peppercorns over a pan of roasted vegetables, or a simmering marinara sauce. Add a dash of black pepper to a salad or crostini appetizer. Or make a classic peppery recipe such as cacio e pepe with pecorino cheese and spaghetti.


1.5 oz (43 g)


Product of Italy

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