Mmmediterranean Baby Squid Calamareti, 4.4 lb. Bag

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Mmmediterranean Baby Squid Calamareti are small, 2-inch squid that can live up to a depth of 600 meters in the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Caught according to sustainability certified standards, Mmmediterranean Baby Squid are fished fresh and responsibly. Sauté this superior quality cleaned squid, or flour and fry it for unbelievable appetizers and entrees. Once cooked, baby squid can be eaten on its own or as part of a larger seafood recipe, such as pasta or rice. Try Mediterranean seafood delicacies like baby squid with squid ink pasta for the best possible dining experience. Comes frozen.

BABY SQUID – CALAMARETI Pack of 2 x 2.2 lb bags (2×908 grams)

Product of China

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